Mondial Relay Magento 2

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Official Extension for Magento and Adobe Commerce

Point Relais® and Lockers

45000 Points Relais® including more than 12000 in France, 3600 in Spain, 1400 in Belgium and Luxembourg and 950 in the Netherlands, 600 in Portugal and a total of 3000 Lockers in France.

Home delivery

Home delivery in Europe for packages up to 30kg: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal and the Netherlands.

Printing labels

Printing labels by API directly from Magento. You are autonomous in creating labels and shipping packages. Generate return labels for your customers.

Parcel collection

If you send up to 15000 packages per year, drop off your packages at a Point relais® or benefit from collection directly from your warehouse. If you have a larger volume, collection will be automatically set up.